Why is the Catholic Church against same-sex marriage?

Why is the Catholic Church against same-sex marriage? This question has been on my mind lately, as I have studied and researched the teachings of the Catholic Church. The main thrust of their teaching is that God’s purpose for human beings is to be sexually involved with each other. They also claim that the institution of marriage is based on unnatural and unreliable sexual unions. As a result, a person who is not straight can not be a member of this exclusive and heterosexual religion.

The reason that the Catholic Church is against same-sex marriage is that the very nature of sex is something which cannot be changed by anything except through divine intervention. To change the natural, unaltered, function of a man and a woman’s sexuality, would then be to change something which is permanent and cannot be changed. Therefore, the Catholic Church teaches that a person cannot change his or her gender, and that a man or woman can not marry a person of the same sex. Although they will accept the argument that sexual orientation cannot be changed, this does not negate the fact that God intended for certain people to have a different sexual orientation.

The second reason why the Catholic Church is against same-sex marriage is because they believe it represents a violation of the Ten Commandments. These commandments were given by God himself. He specifically wrote them. If you believe that God’s written word is incorrect, then you cannot also claim that sexual intercourse between two persons of the same gender is an allowable form of marriage. This is simply claiming that one set of religious opinions is correct, while another is incorrect.

The third reason is that they simply do not want to accept the differences in sexuality between people of the same gender. It would be a mistake to compare someone who wants to marry someone of the same sex to someone who doesn’t. However, this is what many in the Church believe. They want to see their beliefs and customs respected. This way they feel they are doing what is right, rather than making changes based on the opinions of others.

A fourth reason as to why is the Catholic Church against same-sex marriage is that they feel this is an attempt by gay people to “infiltrate” their children. By teaching their children that two men or two women are to be married, the Catholic Church believes they are being taught the concept of “unnatural sex.” To them, this teaches gay sex to be forbidden, while sex between two women is perfectly acceptable. They view this as a battle between good and evil.

Another reason is that they believe it teaches them that the world is filled with sin. Because the Catholic Church believes marriage is between a man and a woman, they feel that one of them will be thrown out for being guilty of the sin of adultery. They say that these are reasons why the Catholic Church does not support marriage for gay people. If you ask the Church, however, these are merely reasons to defend their doctrine and teachings. They have no problem with gay marriage at all.

One last question that is often asked as to why is the Catholic Church against same-sex marriage is that it teaches that it is a sin for a man to be attracted to a man. This is also known as “penal celibacy,” wherein a man is prevented from having sexual relations outside of a marriage. This goes against the reason that was given for its founding, which was that God wants couples to be joined together in marriage. So, while it may teach that gay marriage is wrong, it doesn’t actually say that it is a sin. The Church claims it is only within the realm of a man’s natural desires, so it doesn’t matter whether it’s a natural or unnatural desire.

There are many other questions that people have as to why is the Catholic Church against same-sex marriage. For example, it has said that the redefinition of marriage would lead to sexual abuse in the church. However, this is false, and the abuse of gay marriage has nothing to do with the Church. One of the reasons why the Catholic Church isn’t opposed to same-sex marriage is that it may put it in a difficult position if it were to have to ordain couples who are lesbian. Another reason is that the Church doesn’t actually offer any advice on this topic. It does not view it as an issue, so it would be hard pressed to tell someone whether or not they should be married.