When same-sex marriage was a Christian rite?

How does one speak about same-sex marriage if she is a practicing Christian? It can be tough to answer that question because the Bible doesn’t specifically address same-sex marriage or sexual orientation. Same-sex marriage is not an issue in the scriptures, so how can it be in the practice of the church? The church does have rules governing membership and discretion (in some areas) concerning sexuality. So how can you engage in same-sex marriage and not get caught up in church history?

One possible answer is that same-sex marriage is a different issue than heterosexuality. While same-sex marriage was certainly an issue for the passage of time, the consensus among Christians now seems to be that it is not a fundamental part of Christianity. This may change in the future but for now same-sex marriage should be left to each individual’s judgment. I personally believe that the word of God does not require anyone to marry someone of the same sex. I also think it says that sex is good and God encourages procreation. So, why is there interest in knowing when same-sex marriage was a Christian rite?

The history of same-sex marriage has become more of a political issue than a moral dilemma for many Christians. Many feel that it is not sinful to want to be involved in same-sex relationships but the biblical view is quite the opposite (Leviticus 20:10). I also believe that same-sex marriage was a Christian rite that started very early (Genesis 20:4-6). The issue really is not about gay or lesbian people getting married but rather about respecting the entire biblical gender system which God created.

The Bible lays out the perfect person as being male and female, however sexual orientation is not mentioned. Some people have interpreted this to mean that men and women were created equal, but this is absolutely not what the Bible teaches. People are not the same but they are made in God’s image and likeness (Genesis 1:26). Similarly, sexual orientation is not something that one is born with but something that comes out over time based on personal choices and impulses.

I believe that the Bible does not condemn same-sex marriages but I do not support marriage between two women-women in the Bible. People can be attracted towards each other like a man and woman and find a form of intimacy that God wants them to pursue. I personally believe that being attracted to someone of the same sex does not make a person gay or lesbian. God does not state that men should be attracted to men and women should be attracted to women in the Bible.

When same-sex marriage was a Christian rite of passage, gay people would experience a sense of accountability to God. They would know that they are loved by their Creator and that their love is more powerful than that of anyone else. It could also be the first step toward the Christian work of conversion where gay people would have to live a life of obedience (i.e. observing the commandments of Jesus).

Today, many Christians do not even recognize that there is anything to be gay or lesbian. This is because being gay has been swept under the rug and society has taught them to simply live a lie. People are taught that they cannot be gay (at least in most areas of society) due to the sin nature of being gay. Some people even go as far as banning gay marriage or making it illegal to serve openly in certain states due to the religious reasons that these two people have (or should have) for wanting to be gay. The truth is that these people need to wake up and see the hypocrisy of trying to attack the sexual orientation of another.

The argument that same-sex marriage was a Christian rite of passage has no bearing on reality. If anything, it shows a lack of understanding of what the bible is teaching. I am a gay Christian, and I am not ashamed of who I am – I’m just learning to accept myself and who I am.